Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Floppy Cushions

I've known for over 25 years that I do not like sofas with floppy cushions on the back. You know, the kind that has all the fluff filling that always sags down to the bottom of the cushion and leaves none at the top. I learned this little life lesson when a couple who were very good friends of mine bought some floppy backed furniture.

I've bought several sofas since then; always I remembered to avoid the floppy cushions.......til this time. In September I got a bigger house. Bigger house needed more furniture. Old sofa was perfectly fine with me, but I wanted some new stuff to go with it. New stuff is kind of exciting...til the new wears off. Then it's plain to see.....I am the proud new owner of a

sofa with very floppy cushions. BLLLLEEEEECCCCHHH.

Please learn from my mistake. Just because it is newer, it does NOT make something better. I miss my old couch. It suited me. It was firm in the right places and soft in some places and gave me many years of enjoyment.

Maybe couples could learn the same thing about relationships.

I think I'll go give hubby a hug...maybe even a little smooch.


Since the death of my mom a few months back, I keep having a repeating theme to my dreams. I keep finding myself LOST. In my dream, I search and search for a place I've been to before (last night it was Falls Creek) but the harder I search for it...the farther away I become. I meet the kindest strangers along the way, but still I find myself worried and weary because " I just can't get there" no matter how hard I try.

When I meet people in my dream, they are always helpful, but they never manage to give good directions. Most of the time they have never been to or heard of the place I am trying to find.

Usually I go in circles, often times I can sense that the ones I am supposed to be with are searching for me. I always awaken from "LOST with feelings of loss and despair.

Come on, dream readers, how come I keep getting LOST?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jonesin' for Java

Wow! I just discovered the more politically correct version of the "Special Brownies" from the 1970's! And SSSOOOO easy to make: coffee beans dipped in dark chocolate. That's it, the complete list of ingredients.

These little gems are very addictive and pack a caffeine jolt like you wouldn't believe. Moderation , man, MOD-ER-A-TION. My friends can keep their ciggies for afternoon breaks...... just give me my Coffee Crunchies.

Actually, I discovered the recipe while I was avoiding getting my paperwork together for the "Tax Lady". It's kind of like when I was doing my college classes.

I would go to great lengths to avoid sitting down and studying or writing compositions. Suddenly, I would decide to clean out the closet, wash my Jeep, scrub the toilets, shovel out the dog pen, pull weeds out of the flowerbeds....anything at all to keep me from doing the dreaded deed that I had proclaimed I just had to get done TODAY.

I'm a "WAIT TILL THE ABSOLUTE LAST MINUTE" kind of girl. Without the pressure of a deadline, I just can't quite commit to the task at hand. I mean, why do NOW what you can put off till tomorrow?

I want to get my taxes figured. Really, I do. It's kind of like an extra Christmas at tax time cuz I always way overpay. I just don't like getting lost in all that paperwork and I can never really remember what the 'Tax Lady' needs to prepare my return.

Well, better run. I think I can hear dust settling on top of my refrigerator.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stalling for Time

This is my 2nd of 3 days off work. I made myself a list of things I wanted to accomplish (in no particular order).
-Bake bread
-Make bumpy Jello stuff
-Send Valentines to my 3 sweet dumplin grandchildren
-Sit in my jammies in front of the fire drinking coffee
-Balance my checkbook
-Catch up on laundry
-Take a nap
- Post my first blog
-Get all my income tax stuff into a packet to take to the tax lady
-Hem my white scrubs (if I can find the sewing machine)
-Put elastic in my scrub pants that have tie strings so I won't have to fight a knot when I finally get to the potty with my bladder about to burst.

So far I've managed to do all but the last 3 things. I had to place a call to the ladies at the hospital cafeteria to ask,
"Can I have your recipe for Jello?"

"Who IS this?" asked a voice I didn't recognize." and why you don't know how to make Jello?"

"Um, er, this is Melody. Where are my friends, the lunch ladies that I know?"

"Aye, carumba, there is a crazy lady on the phone that wants a recipe for Jello."

"Hello, Melody, can I help you? Yes, I know you like our ambrosia, of course I will give you the recipe. You are welcome for all the times I have saved you some of the "Bumpy Jello" as you call it. Start with 5 cups of boiling water........"

EEEK. I don't want bumpy jello for a crowd...just for 2 people....but I'm good at math (at least with small numbers) so I finally got the recipe and whittled it down to size.

I don't like gathering info for the tax lady. I always feel like I should do my own income taxes, but all the numbers and stuff just make me crazy so each year I gather my info and drive 30 miles to the same tax lady.

I REALLy don't want to sew either so maybe I'll just drink more coffee or take another nap.