Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Day Off Work

Last night my friend Krista called from the hospital and said " we only have 4 patients, so tomorrow you get low census" (an unscheduled day off).

"No way. Are you sure? My husband will work me like the 4th son he never had. Can't I just come in for half the day or something?"

"Nope, you get the day off. Enjoy, babe."

And I did enjoy it....really I did...right after I got done with a panick attack.

We spent the day 35 mile an hour wind...and blowing sand.....lots of it. A total of 9 yards of it. I had no idea how much 9 yards was ...but just let me tell you that 2 yards fills up the bucket of a front end loader.

I also rode in a 1960 model 2 ton Chevrolet dump truck without being able to roll the window down. But there was plenty of ventilation...the floorboard had holes in it. It was a bone-jarring ride but kinda fun.

Our sandpile has been piss-anted around the yard to level stuff up for sidewalks and patios. So far, we've put in concrete sidewalks on the east and south sides of the house. Friday we will have a new patio and sidewalk in front of our house!

Yep, just another day off from work.!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Well, we did it. After months of my spouse drooling over big flat screen TVs in Walmart we finally bought one and brought it home.

Each visit to Lawton for the past six months has involved him going to the electronics department to compare/drool/check out/contemplatethe purchase of a bigger TV. For months he has been attracted to/lusted after a Polaroid LCD TV.

The long awaited day had arrived. We were ready to make a purchase. We had checked out TVs at most of the TV selling stores in town and his mind was made up. Yup, that's the one he wanted. Never mind that it was pouring down rain....he was not going home without his big prize!

Guess what...just because the TV had been on display for six months did not mean that the store at any time had ever had an actual Polaroid TV in stock.Oh, my gosh...this was too cruel. Now we had to go thru the whole process. No way..." just buy the one next to'll be okay." I said to my spouse of 20 years. Him being a man and way different from me, said. "Ok, we'll take the Phillips....and the glass table to set it on".(never mind that we are in a Jeep Cherokee filled with car seats and Grandma junk and it's RAINING.
This is the scene at our house when we get home with our prize.

Happy Man with TV!!!!!!!