Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Days

Today will be a busy day. Already we have fed the dog, cat and fishies and 2 grandchildren and 1 spouse.
We slept 10 hours last night due to sleep deprivation the day before. We took daughter and her darling boy to the airport so they could fly back to far away. We miss them already.
We are waiting on the sun to heat the splashy pool so we can play in it. In the meanwhile we are building a tent behind my chair. We had planned a surprise visit to the tiny local airport to check out the vintage plane but the temp outside is already hotter than a pleasant visit to the plane hangar warrants.
After lunch we will take Poppy to the cardiologist. His heart was ticking too slow and we had to take a ride in the ambulance on Tuesday after he suddenly got so weak and dizzy he couldn't stand up.
The 8 year old will babysit the 3 year old in the doctor's office today. I offered 5 dollars, she agreed to do it for 6. She drives a hard bargain... Seems she has talent for raising money for her piggy bank.
Life never gets boring with little ones around.