Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hackberry Flat

Hubby and I recently decided to take advantage of a typical Oklahoma winter day (70 degrees...not exactly my idea of winter) and check out the local wildlife area. We loaded up on the four wheeler and headed south.

Then we returned home before we had barely gotten out of the driveway. Four wheelers and dry winter days with contact lenses are not a good combo so I changed into my glasses and we headed out again.

Within just 3 miles of our house is the Hackberry Flat Wetlands Area. There we encountered a snag. Who knew that wildlife management areas don't allow four wheelers? ..not even on the roads. We didn't know the rules... but the friendly, smiling ranger-dude nicely informed us without ever losing his very broad smile. So we went home, got the truck and went back to Hackberry.

Millions of dollars have been spent returning this farmland to a "marsh for the sanctuary of waterfowl". Hubby and I wanted to see what that entailed.

We saw a bunny, some red-winged blackbirds, geese, cranes, ducks and a few other birds. And acres and acres of grass. We listened to the wind blow thru the tall grasses. We listened to geese and cranes honking overhead. We watched a dazzling sunset while looking at the full moon glowing overhead.

I walked out onto a long pier to an "observation station" - a wooden structure open on two sides with small openings in the enclosed sides so one could observe wildlife without being seen. I listened. I observed. I appreciated....all the wonderful things that I already see and hear every day at home.

Then I knew what all the fuss was about. This was a place for people not as fortunate as me to be able to go and enjoy all the awesome things that I was blessed to be able to enjoy everyday from the sanctity of my own home.

Today I drank my coffee and watched thru the window while the bunnies played tag in the front yard. I saw a huge hawk land on the branch of my cedar tree, and listened to the wind chimes in the always-blowing wind.'s a great place to visit......but even more wonderful to live there.

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