Thursday, December 11, 2008

Password is a nasty word

Do you have a hard time trying to remember your passwords?

For months now I would have posted on my blog but I couldn't sign in because I had forgotten my password. I also wanted to comment on other blogs but if ya can't type your password, ya can't comment either.

My friend Ralphy the Paramedic showed me a brilliant device....a
flash drive that will remember your passwords for you. It is from Quill Office Supply. He bought this 8GB FlashDrive simply for the amount of info it could hold and then found it had a Password Manager on it. Awesome!!!! The only problem is that it is smaller than a piano so I would probably misplace it.

I had hoped that today would be dreary, dark, cold, snowy and blowy so that I could enjoy a snowday at home. Lots of people long for lovely weather on their day off. Not me..... I want an occasional nasty weather day so I can huddle up inside by the fire all cozy and warm and just goof off. As luck would have it, those are the days I end up at work instead.

Today is Blood Mobile Day in my little town. I guess I'll go and see if I can bleed fast enough for them. Last time they almost didn't use my blood because I didn't fill the bag fast enough. I would have been very disappointed. I like to give's the charitable thing to do.

Peace out and happy snowday to you.


Anonymous said...

YAY! It's not the "summer days" post anymore! :) I kept hoping for a post and wondering if you'd decided to give it up. So glad you didn't.
And speaking of not remembering passwords, I almost got into a heap of trouble because I couldn't remember my PayPal password and I needed to pay for something I bought/won on Ebay. PayPal wouldn't let me create a new username because it said my credit card number was already in use. I KNOW! I finally remembered my password though. Now it's written down in a secret place in my computer room. Just in case.
Love you!
P.S. Posting a comment as anonymous just to show you can. :)

okiesister said...

Welcome back to the blog-o-sphere!

Randy said...

Now I am forced to blog again... I have been using you as an excuse.... "I've blogged since she has" isn't going to work any longer.

Rick said...

Glad you found your password. Since I'm a techno-nerd, I keep all my in my PDA. I even had to break it into two files. I have about 15 for various personal websites, and *25* for work! How crazy is that?